Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pound Cake with Lemon Pudding and Raspberry Topping

Okay so as promised last week I am finally getting around to posting the recipe for the Pound Cake with Lemon Pudding and Raspberry Topping. This is one of those recipes that came about because I had a pound cake to eat and wanted to "fix" it up somehow. The end result was a yummy and tasty dessert that took almost no time at all to complete. The best part of this is you can use any yellow pound cake recipe or store bought that you like. My recipe calls for lemon juice in the recipe so that is where the idea for lemon pudding came from and I just love the flavor of lemon and raspberries, so there you have it.

So on to the recipe.

Lemon Pudding

1 small box of lemon flavored pudding
1 3/4 cup milk

Mix together until the pudding starts to set and then cover and refrigerate until you are ready to serve.

Raspberry Topping

1 package frozen raspberries (12 oz)
Sugar to sweeten to your taste.

Put the frozen raspberries, 1/4 cup water and sugar in a small sauce pan and heat until bubbly and the raspberries breakdown and a sauce forms. Add sugar as needed to get the sweetness that you like. Let this cool down until it is just warm.

To serve the dessert, slice the cake and top with the lemon pudding and then spoon on some of the warm raspberry topping and enjoy!