Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Okay so yesterday I wrote about one of my chickens hatching a brood of chicks. She has finally let me get around her with a camera so here are the whole 3 pictures she let me have before she tucked them back under her!

For those that are wondering, yes this is the same hen that sat on eggs and hatched some during this last winter that never came.

Also here are some pictures of our puppy, who is not this small any more!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Branding, Babies and Independent Consultant

Well it is branding time here. The hubby and our oldest daughter spent this past weekend branding at the ranch that my father-in-law manages just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. It was a long and hot two days for them and they were very glad to be back home.
Now we turn around and do the same thing here this week and weekend. Tomorrow will be spent getting all the water tanks ready and filled, double checking all the fencing for the pasture that the cows will be in for the next week. Thursday will bring the first day of gathering for the hubby, our oldest and a few friends that are coming out to help, picture taking for me (and yes I will share them). Friday we will go back for any cows and calves that got left behind from the previous day and the final count will occur. Also on Friday our friends Tori and Tracy and their 3 kids will be arriving for their first branding! Can't wait for them to get here as we always have a great time when they come for a visit. Wish our other friends, the Merkley's could come also, but their oldest son has his final dance competition that same weekend.

Saturday will bring a very early morning here at the ranch as the guys and both girls head out to gather the cows in the small holding pasture and push them to the corrals for branding. Then the hard work begins. I of course will be sure to take lots of pictures and share with everyone!

My chicken that hatched babies earlier this year is once again a momma! This time she has 3 little ones following her around and peeping at everything. I have one more momma still sitting on her eggs and she should be ready to hatch sometime next week I figure. Looking forward to watching the babies grow this spring and summer. Waiting to get some pictures, but the momma is keeping them close to her and does not like anyone to come around. Hope to have pictures in the next few days to share.

I am now in my last education class before I student teach in the fall and I can not wait to be done with everything! It has been three years this month that I went back to college to get my degree in education and I am more than ready to be done! Now just wondering if I will even be able to get a job teaching, what with all the cuts still taking place.

With that worry over my head I have become an independent consultant for Shelf Reliance Food Storage company. What is that you ask? Well it means that I get to go to peoples houses that have scheduled a party and share with everyone about Shelf Reliance food, their shelving systems and emergency supplies. In other words I get paid for talking! Those of you who know me you know that is an easy thing. So if anyone would like more information on food storage, making meal time prep shorter and no more wasted food, there is a link on the side of my blog that will take you to my Shelf Reliance website or just use the link here.

Finally I also have grass growing in my front yard for the first time in 5 years! It is coming in good and looks like by the end of summer I will have a nice patch of grass for a change. Now just have to finish up the garden and get it planted next week and I will be all done with my projects for the spring!