Friday, January 20, 2012

What I have been doing

Since it is Friday I thought I would let everyone have a little peek into what I have been working on for my store and some of the ideas that will be showing up soon.
Here is an eReader, iPad or laptop cover. You can pick a different material to fit just for you.

Different print inside

A wonderful warm and soft afghan in teal and cream

Blue, cream and brown stripped scarf

Shells and stripes scarf

A fun set for teens

I love this material and it is being made into a crib set, this will be the material for the crib skirt

This is the material for the crib bumper

This one for a crib sheet

Another crib sheet
So this is just a few of the items that I have been busy making, stop by My Twisted Stitches to see everything that I have available.

Now things on the ranch have not stopped either, I even have new baby chicks! One of my chickens has been very confused by the warm winter weather she sat on her eggs and hatched two babies!
Here they are! She finally let them out long enough for me to get some pictures

Then it was back under momma to get warm

One last glimpse!

Momma in the sun
Well I hope that everyone is well and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, new cookbooks, new recipes

Well we are almost two weeks into the new year and we are cranking right along here on the ranch. I love this time of year partially because everything is covered in snow and it feels like winter. This year no such luck. We have gotten 3 good snow storms for a total of about a foot of snow and it is all gone already. We have been in the 50's for highs and that is very unusual. The cows are enjoying it but if the weather doesn't chance soon they won't be enjoying the weather come spring and summer.

My big excitement is my new cookbooks I ordered after Christmas. I love new cookbooks, nothing better than looking through them and finding new recipes to make and discovering new favorites. So what cookbooks did I order? Here they are and they are great cookbooks with wonderful recipes, photography and great stories to go with the food.

This is so far my favorite of the new cookbooks. There are a ton of great recipes that any cowboy would love or kids and non-cowboys for that matter!

This cookbook is the product of two mom's trying to find and fix food for busy families. The ingredients are basic but the flavor in the cooking is anything but.
Again a great cowboy cookbook. Trying to find new and creative ways to fix a freezer full of beef requires a variety of cookbooks and this one looks to provide new and tasty beef recipes.
I love old recipes but sometimes the ingredients are hard to find in today's grocery stores. This cookbook takes the recipes that the pioneer's brought with them and updates them for today. I have to admit I bought this one solely based on the fact that it had a recipe for salt water taffy. I am happy to say that there are numerous recipes marked ready to be made in the next few weeks other than taffy.

My next cookbook purchase will come in March and I can't wait for it, but I guess I will have to since it doesn't come out until then!
So until then I will be busy cooking up a storm with my new recipes in hand. I will be sure to share some of the recipes, but these cookbooks are well worth having in your own kitchen.