Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh my husband so should not have left today!

Okay, it has hit me... I want to re-arrange the furniture in the living room. It normally happens this time of year. I get board of how the furniture sits and I want to change things...and so I do. Well the hubby is taking a horse back to hid dad today so he is not home to complain about the shifting so when he does get back there is every chance that the living room will look nothing like it did before. I come by this desire to re-arrange naturally (Thanks Mom) and it shows no sign of letting up any time soon. Also it is time to set up my fireplace for fall and put up the curtains in the living room for the winter. I can't stand curtains normally but need them up during the colder months at night. So here are pictures of how the living room looks now and I will post new ones when I have all the furniture moved and the fireplace decorated. Wish me luck!
Okay here is the fireplace, my favorite thing in the room, would just love to get ride of the steer head above, but no such luck. He has been there for about 30 years and looks to be going no where soon.

The sofa came with the house and it is still part of the house just for the simple fact that new furniture cost money and it gives no return back. So until I figure out how to convince the hubby that a new sofa is a ranch investment it will stay.

This is the part that I hate, again the chairs came with the house and here they stay. I'm thinking of trying to cover them, but that the least they are getting moved.

I hate trying to balance a fireplace and a tv. Which one do you face or do you split and try to face both? All I know is that the TV is not getting moved.
  Well I'm off to re-arrange and put up my fall stuff. Will post back when I have everything done. Just hoping that it looks different by the time that I'm done!

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  1. I LOVE to re-arrange furniture. Unfortunately my house is so small, everything can only go one way. Drives me bonkers! I get the bug and move stuff, knowing all the while it will have to go back to the same ole' boring spots.


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