Monday, November 14, 2011

A quick peek at what I have been busy with

Well I have been busy around the ranch lately. The oldest was off on her first deer hunt last weekend, it was a long 5 days filled with snow, cold weather and mud and not a buck to show for all her hard work. But I am proud of her as she was excited from the hunt and ready to tackle it again next year.
She was so tired by the last day that she fell asleep in the back of the truck waiting until evening to hunt again.
That girl was up at 4am every morning of her hunt and would not quit until the very last of the shooting light had faded. It was not through lack of trying that she did not get a buck. While there is no fresh venison in our freezer this year I could not be more proud of her.

I have also started back to school myself. Only 6 more classes and I will be ready to student teach. I'm ready to be done taking classes. Enough about that though.

What has kept me the busiest is getting everything lined out for starting my own business. I am starting an on-line store where I will sell handmade, custom purses, totes, home decor, baby items and blankets. I want to thank everyone who submitted names for the store. The winner was Celeste Settrini with her suggestion of Twisted Stitches. As a reward for coming up with the winning name Celeste is getting a custom made tote in her choice of material.
I thought I would give everyone a little peek into some of the material that I will be using to make some totes and baby items to sell in my store. If you see anything you like let me know and I will be more than happy to put together the item for you.
Here is one of the western prints that I have to use to make a purse or tote

Another western print, I love this one.

Pretty blue and brown for another purse/tote

I think I will make a purse out of these for myself too! The center material is a faux tooled leather that I just love.

This set and the next will be made into burp clothes. Nice big ones 16"x21 backed with terry cloth seems like good thick ones are hard to find anymore. The material is a nice soft flannel.

Just thought the print on this was too cute and great for boy or girl.

Another burp cloth set in flannel also.

And the close up of the print pattern
Here is one of the burp clothes all completed, both sides shown.

The flannel side of the burp cloth

Up close of the pattern
 I have more western material on order that will be here next week and I will get pictures up so that you can look through that also. I also got some new material at the store today, but have not had a chance to take pictures yet, the ones above I got taken this morning. Then the hubby showed up with a new orphan calf this afternoon and we have been trying to get her to eat... so the picture taking has gotten delayed.

Christmas is just around the corner you know and I will also have some handmade ornaments and hand-painted ornaments for sale also. If you are interested in anything that you have seen here e-mail me at with any requests or questions. I'm getting everything set up for the on-line store and will let you know when it is up and running and you can order from there.

Thanks to everyone who had encouraged me in starting this business and I look forward to watching it grow.

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