Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's December WHAT!

I am not sure where all the time has already gone in this month. I mean really by the second weekend of December my house looks like an army of elves lives here. The tree is up and decorated, the lights are strung, all the Christmas decorations are up in every room of the house.
This year, there is a tree in the living room, still not decorated and the only Christmas decorations that have made it out of the closet is one wreath hanging on the back door and my Nativity scene in the living room. I'm not looking at the calendar and seriously wondering if it would really be worth it to drag all the stuff out of the closet and decorate.
Okay, yes it would be worth it, but just where am I to find the time? Think one night this next week I'm going to fire up the Christmas movies, make some hot chocolate and go on a decorating spree once everyone else goes to bed.
I do know that at least by the time that I go to bed tonight the tree will have at the very least it's lights on. Right now it just looks like we built our living room around a large pine tree that we forgot to cut down!
No I'm not posting pictures of that because it is just very sad looking right now, but I will have pictures once my living room has it's Christmas decorations showing.

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