Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our daily life

Well everyone is going about their business for the day. The hubby is off for the day and the girls are cleaning the house. I'm getting ready for a run to town and then back for school work and some sewing.

The baby calves are coming along nicely, mommas keep having them everyday. Not sure what we are up to now, last I heard over 25 already, about a quarter of the way through for the year.

Our winter here has been some where else this year. Worried about the spring and summer and how much water we will have already. Been so mild here that I'm already thinking about planting some cool weather veggies like lettuce, spinach, broccoli and the like. The hubby says go ahead, maybe that will make the winter come around finally! It is already almost 60 here and not even 10am! I like the mild winter for the cows and calves, just as long as the rains come in the spring and summer!

Well we are off for another day in our lives, this time of year means calves, calves and more calves.


  1. Know what ya mean, girl, it's been hard. We will be shipping some more cattle before long, just not any winter moisture, and afraid of another dry spring and summer. The Lord only knows, we just keep praying He will see us through it! :)

    Love the baby calves, so cute, and such a fun time seeing the new life hit the ground, and grow!! Great pictures!

  2. yay for calving. i love all the chrome markings. those are my favorites. have a great day!


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