Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A new month

So March was not a good month for us here and I was not sorry to see it go. April on the other hand has started out much better and I have all intentions of it finishing that way!

The cows are still having their calves and it looks to be a good crop this year. We have gotten a few snow storms and one good thunderstorm the other afternoon.

We have added a puppy to our house, a blue heeler, which my two cats are not happy about. But they will learn to live with it.

This last weekend we were able to finally get the ground tilled up in the front yard and some grass seed planted. Also got my flower bed made and ready to go when the flowers come to our local stores. Now just trying to decide what type of flowers to put in there!

Have the garden all planned out, trying a new spot for me, but one that the family has used in the past with good success. Spending some time this week getting the fence fixed back up and till the ground up with the tractor. Then come May 1st the seeds go in the ground! I am determined to get this garden thing figured out here. I would be doing good if I could just keep the rabbits and squirrels out and let the plants get up and going.

I have also started on a new business opportunity and I'm enjoying that very much. I'm able to still stay at home, go to school and work my sewing business while helping to bring in some extra money, which on a ranch is always needed!

I have even managed to find some time to cook lately. It seems this past winter I was hardly in the kitchen at all and I have missed cooking and sharing recipes with everyone. So start looking for some great summer recipes to share with your family around the backyard and the grill.

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  1. Let me know when you do get the garden up and going...I've got to figure out what I'm going to plant here too.


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