Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A new path

Those of you that follow my page on Facebook have seen my comments and posts dealing with a science class that I am currently enrolled in that has taken a not so pleasant turn. During the class discussions the topic of farmers, ranchers, meat production, pesticides and genetically modified crops has come up. Rather than the class engage in meaningful and constructive conversation it quickly turned into blame the farmer and rancher for everything from childhood diseases to global warming to the world food "problem". These attacks as they came to be left me defending an entire industry in those discussions.
It also got me thinking that I need to get back to my blog and add a new path to it. One of sharing not only my store, but that of other farmers and ranchers out there. We all have different reasons for doing what we do. Some where raised doing this and can't imagine doing anything else for a living. Some of us fell into this by accident and then there are those of us that are still trying to figure out how we got involved! What matters is that we all have a tale to tell and it need to be told, before our way of life is gone.

So starting in the next few weeks I will be featuring some guest posts by those willing to share their story, either through words or pictures. If you are wanting to share your thoughts, stories, or pictures please leave me a comment or visit my Facebook page and leave me a comment or message.

Don't worry I will be getting back to posting pictures of my own too, some posts from me and of course recipes still, but there will be more on here helping to educate those who do not know our world, just what it is that we really do on a daily basis.

Here is a great pic of our oldest helping dad get the water tank set up. She was the only one small enough to crawl in and hold the spout inside!


  1. I just saw a Documentary in Netflix about the dangers of feedlots/beef. I didn't watch it because the description made me mad.
    Our way of life is defiantly under attack!

  2. I'm all about EDUCATING our nation/world on CORRECT information!
    I just had my "story" posted on Faces of Agriculture blog...Jennifer did too.
    I would be glad to share it with you!

  3. How hard to have that happen in a college class...very disappointing. It is amazing how non-ag people get ideas about our farming/ranching is all about education.

  4. Love your stories as always. Thanks for sharing.


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