Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thinking of Spring

Spent the day after finishing the girl's lessons making apple sauce. First time I have tried this but it turned out really good. Good enough that I'm going to make a bigger batch tomorrow as I know the girls will plow through this in a flash. This has gotten me thinking of spring next year and what to put in my garden.

I have been thinking about planting a few fruit trees to add to my garden and after this summer's good luck with the garden and my canning it is safe to say that apple trees will be on that list. Trying to figure out what else to plant, cherries are a favorite for the family so they go on the list, a peach tree or two because they are my favorite fruit and I make jam with them. 

Want to try blueberry and raspberry bushes, but not sure if they will grow in this area. I know they will make it through the winter, if they can make it through in Alaska so I should have luck.

I figure if I start planning now I can have everything planned by the time I need to order my trees and plants. If nothing else it will give me something to dream about during the long cold winter to come!


  1. I would love to have fruit trees. They won't grow down here though. I planted strawberries and blackberries this summer, neither made. But hopefully next year! And at least they lived!

  2. I too always think about new things I can plant here on our farm. I have been thinking about planting a variety of blueberries that are very hardy and will live in our North Dakota climate.

    Come say hi! :)


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