Thursday, November 4, 2010

Planning Thanksgiving

Well it is that time of year in which I start planning my Thanksgiving dinner. This year will be a little different as we are going to the hubby's Grandma's for actual Thanksgiving dinner. I'm waiting until the weekend to cook so that everyone can be here for the meal.

That being said we are having goose this year instead of the traditional turkey since I raised two in the backyard this spring and summer. They have been plucked and cleaned and are awaiting the day wrapped in butcher paper in the freezer.

Next on the planning schedule is making Cranberry Sauce, not the kind that looks like jello out of a can, but the kind that you can use as jam on the bread. Love this ever since the hubby's Gran Noe gave us a few jars for Christmas. Now it has to make an appearance on our table every holiday season.

Also a must for us is cornbread stuffing, no bread stuffing for us, we are too Southern for that ;). One thing I cherish the most is pulling out the recipe card for gravy. Why is that so special? Well you see it is my Grandma Bonnie's recipe for Giblet Gravy and if there is one thing that just speaks Thanksgiving to me it is that gravy. You see gravy is not my thing, most of the time it comes out lumpy and not very good and it is therefor made from a mix for most dinners. Not Thanksgiving though, for what ever reason Grandma's recipe always comes out just right, she must watch over me as I make it.

Of course for after dinner there is always pie, Pumpkin for the girls and Pecan for the hubby and this year my Dad. Will have to see who gets more of the Pecan pie, my Dad or hubby as they always fight over the whole thing. Maybe one of these years I will surprise them and make each their own!

No matter where you are planning to spend Thanksgiving or with whom I hope that it is filled with special memories, people and food. And in our house lots of football, in between taking care of all the cows, because they never take a holiday.


  1. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Ours is over and done with-but gosh, I think a goose would've been so tasty!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower of my blog. And yes'm, we live in West Texas, 32 miles from Marfa to be exact. This is were God has us to be right now, it seems. :) We do ranch, and run a ranch for some older ladies too, so we stay pretty darn busy. But it's a wonderful life to live, and we are so thankful for each day, and raising our children in this way of life!!
    Stop by the blog anytime! Love having "company"! :)

  3. Cheyenne, thanks for the blessing. I'm drooling over the thought of a goose also. Will let everyone know how it went after the holiday.

  4. Rachel: Love the fact that all us ranch wives can get together with technology like they did during the gathers and brandings in the years past. You are right about the wonderful way of life, I would not raise my kids any other way. I have been through the area of Texas that Marfa is in, but never through the town itself.

  5. I have never had goose, it's dark meat right? I would probably like it, I prefer dark meat. :) Anyway, I'm hungry now! We do cornbread dressing too, and I believe that I love dressing more than I do anything else. Except maybe the pies... ;) I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!!

  6. Jennifer - Yeah the whole goose is a dark meat, which is what we all like so a full bird in nothing but dark meat is perfect for us. There is just something about cornbread stuffing that just says it is Thanksgiving. This the only time of year that I fix it since at Christmas we always fix a Prime Rib rather than turkey or ham. Normally we have just butchered our steer so it is good and fresh.


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