Friday, March 25, 2011


Finally found my cord for my camera and was able to down load the pictures that I have been taking of some new calves and our trip to the zoo and the new baby chicks so here are some and the rest will be in my pictures on Tales of a Rancher's Wife page on Facebook.

This little one was our first calf this year, born back at the start of Feb.

Here he is again, taking a rest by the water tank

Momma had to bring hers by the house to show off. She will bring every calf to below the barn every year.

Another little one out in the pasture

There are two calves in the picture, one so little you can only see a tiny bit of his back in the high sage brush.

The girls at the aquarium in Albuquerque

Finally got to see the polar bears swimming this trip

The latest addition to the ranch, my next batch of chickens. Some are for meat(yellow ones) and the rest are new egg layers

We are off this afternoon to get two young new bulls for the place so of course I will get pictures of them and share also. Haven't forgotten about the request for new recipes and casseroles that will freeze well are on the list, in fact that is what I'm working on next.
If you enjoy these pictures check out Fresh from the Farm and her Farmchick's Farm Photo Friday for more pictures of babies, farm life, ranch life and all things country.


  1. Found your through Farmchick's blog. Looks like things are busy in your neck of the woods. Fun stuff!

  2. Love the pictures! How are your chicks doing?? Your calves look great.

  3. @ Jensamom23 - Glad you stopped by! Yes this is the busy time of year for us with all the calves coming along, but it is my favorite.

    @Jency - The chicks are doing great. Feathers are already coming in nicely. Now just to wait for the egg layers to start laying in October and the meat chicks to get big enough for the freezer.


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