Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday #3

{one} do you wear holey jeans? if so, do you buy them that way?
Yeah I wear holey jeans, just try not to wear them into town, but that doesn't always work out. No I don't buy them like that, as they get there on their own fast enough.

{two} do you get a full 8 hours of sleep per night?
Depends on what time of year it is. If it is calving season, snow storms, branding, shipping or gathering I'm just thankful for what I get.

{three} what’s your favorite way to eat an oreo?
I will admit that I hate Oreo cookies. Never liked them even a kid.

{four} do you wear shoes in your house?
Yes other wise I would be taking off and putting on shoes all day long.
{five} who would you call first if you won the lottery?
an accountant!

{six} have you ever been in a food fight?
no and do not care to as I would probably be the one to clean it all up!
{seven} do you snore?
I have been told I snork… but no snoring. No I'm not even sure what the snork thing is about

{eight} do you know how fast you type?
Around 50 wpm, which is a good thing as I'm writing papers for school all the time.

{nine} can you do a headstand (without using a wall)?
no, even with a wall

{ten} how do you like your popcorn?
as long as it did not come out of a microwave and has butter I'm all over it.

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