Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday #7

{one} if you won a trip to Disneyland/world, who would you take with you?
Would have to take our girls and the hubby

{two} when was the last time you listened to a CD?
Got one rolling right now and just about every time in the car

{three} what spice/seasoning is your favorite?
I love them all! Just depends on what I'm fixing.

{four} if you were in a band, what kind of music would you play?

{five} if you could have personally witnessed one historical event, which one would it be?
Do I have to pick just one? Will have to get back to you on this one.

{six} if you could go back to school, what would you study?
Well since I'm in school currently to get my teaching degree I will say education.

{seven} if you could go to one sporting event, all expenses paid, which one would you see?
Final game in the Stanley Cup finals... love me some hockey

{eight} do you drive an automatic or a manual?
We have both, just depends on which truck I hope in to go to town

{nine} are you comfortable speaking in front of people?
Yeah, as long as they are shorter than me, probably why I'm okay with elementary kids.

{ten} have you ever experienced an earthquake?
Yeah, 4. something when I was in college in Flagstaff Az. Never want to go through that again.

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