Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Surprise

I was sitting at the computer doing some paperwork yesterday afternoon while the girls played and the hubby did some welding on corrals down at the barn. Weston, our ranch hand had loaded up some salt blocks to take and put out in the bull pasture. Well while up in that area of the ranch he took a side trip to check the water level in some tanks in the horse pasture. Now this is the horse pasture that is home to our young colts that need some more age on them before being used everyday and the older horses that are not in the current work rotation. In this group is my baby, Star. She was born here 4 years ago just before we moved here and I have been able to watch her grow from baby to colt to full grown horse. We had hoped to use her as a brood mare, but had not found a stud that we wanted to pair her with. Well apparently she did! Last spring a young stud we have was not in his part of the pasture for about a week, but we never caught him in with the mares and other horses, well he made it in there!

So Weston was in the horse pasture and saw what he first thought was a dog over by the horses, so he took a closer look and found to his surprise a baby colt, about 2 days old nursing from Star. Needless to say he called the hubby real quick fast and in a hurry and told him that we had a new colt! So the hubby came racing up to the house and we all jumped into the truck so we could get Star and the baby moved down to the house and in the smaller "nursery" pasture. Sadly if you do not move your momma's and baby colts to where you can watch them around here the have a tendency to "wonder" off into the neighbors possession!

So for a few days Star and Rose as we named the new little one will call the barn yard home and then out to the nursery pasture for the spring and summer time. I was very happy with the surprise that came from my day yesterday!

Here she is Rosie

Star and her baby Rosie and the hubby

Star is real good about us coming around Rosie and lettin up pet her, but it is another thing with the other horses

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  1. We had a new baby this week too! Rosie is beautiful...the new little ones are so fun and do put such a smile on our faces to watch!

  2. Aww what a great surprise! Rosie is so cute! I love watching young foals run around and play!


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